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Madonna’S weight loss methods

Madonna’s food is mainly whole grains, raw cooked vegetables, beans and miso soup. This method sounds very healthy, but it also has a great flaw, most people will not take this approach, for example, it contains calcium, iron and protein is very small, will make people turn pale and easily tired, these symptoms Madonna reflected in the body.

How to lose weight

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Sarah Michelle Gellar’S weight loss methods

If you like to eat cabbage or onions, do not be afraid to eat more fat, as long as you like, how many are willing to eat how much to eat. Hollywood actress Sarah Michelle Gellar is like the diet, in terms of rapid weight loss wonders, 7 days can be significantly effective, but you just lose water weight, once you recover Normal diet, weight will rebound.

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Reese Witherspoon ’s weight loss methods Baby Food Diet

Hollywood film Hourui Xi – Witherspoon (Reese Witherspoon) called super nice and sweet, but she was taken to eating baby food diet is quite stupid. If you can not eat a normal day, the food contains 600 calories, you can not maintain a healthy lifestyle, this approach is clearly undesirable. After all, we are no longer babies.


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